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Decide what your goals are for your homeschool. Get to know your kid/kids, and work on building off of their strengths while supporting their weaknesses. Our homeschool goals look a little like this:

  1. That our children would know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. That they would have a close relationship with the triune God, and learn to present their faith in an eloquent way and intimate way.
  2. That we would know our children, and they us. That they would have a deep connection to their family, and the ability to develop strong relationships with others.
  3. That our children would understand how to communicate with other human beings - and that communication takes hard work.
  4. That our children would learn to work hard at whatever job they are given, and that they would know they are responsible for taking care of themselves and those who depend on them.
  5. That our children will continually strive to learn about the world that they live in. To view learning as a life long process, which we never finish.
  6. That our children would follow through on the projects/education that they start. That they plan for their future with the awareness that the future is both controlled entirely by the Lord, and unpredictable to them. To trust in God's plan for them, and to work hard at the tasks He lays before them.
  7. That our children would love others are they love themselves. Giving of themselves, as Christ did.

I could probably go on for a while, but this is the gist.

You'll notice academia is not specifically listed. While I appreciate a strong academic approach, I also recognize that a lot of social, moral and spiritual issues may go unnoticed if the focus is primarily academic. The truth is, your choice of curriculum is less important than the level of your participation as a parent/educator. There are many good options, and it can be VERY overwhelming. A 4 year old needs boundaries and discipline, love, safety, good food, story time, and ample opportunity to play. As they get older you can spend more time researching curriculum based on your desired outcome.

God bless!


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Thankyou! I've spent the last ten years in public education, so I have experience, but the current climate in education tied my hands to the point that I felt like I had no choice but to raise little brats. I do not know a child who would not benefit from working toward goals like these with their family. This will really help me verbalize to my extended family why I choose to home school.