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I love how this sub is constantly teaching me how to raise the men in my life up versus taking them down.

So eloquently stated. There isn't very much support in the liberal world for putting one's ego aside and thinking long and hard about what a husband might really need from his wife. I held very liberal beliefs well into my thirties, when slowly, the red pill was administered in the form of the female misery by which I found myself surrounded. I started asking questions, began to appreciate the wisdom of generations before, and found that I had been creating quite a mess myself. It was a tough, tough time. Unlearning a lie is far more difficult than accepting the truth because the road is fraught with doses of self-loathing and embarrassment. But once I brushed my ego aside, reality was clear: I had been sold a lie, the lie was a monster, and I had not a receipt with which I could return it or a store to which I could call and complain. All I had was a myself and the truth.