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So far as a mother I have worked at a daycare part time, my daughter was in the next room and I would go over on my break to nurse her.
I worked as a nanny 3 days a week and I brought her with me.
Next job was not for a few years and I nannied 2 days a week and brought my two kids with me.
I had another full time nannying job for a while where I brought them both as well. Now I clean office bulidings 3 nights a week. I leave my kids with my parents or my husband.
So for the most part the jobs I have chosen have not taken away from being able to raise my family.

I have worked because either we needed the money, because I felt like I needed more to fulfill me, and a little because I succumbed to the pressure from family members and society that everyone should be working. Not proud of all of these reasons but it's the truth and things I need to work though with myself.

Right now it's because the extra money I make helps us pay our bills and takes away from my husband's stress a bit.