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Thanks for sharing.

Love is line, it's so true. When I have too much on my plate and I feel like I'm failing at some of them I will try to remember this and give myself grace.

But here's the thing we cannot be great at all things all the time

I'm pretty much a sahm to my two. I do work 3 nights a week but two of those nights I go right at bed time. I have gone back and forth with working- most of my jobs where nannying though so they came along. We have met some great friends this way.

Some days I love it other days I feel like I'm losing my mind. But I am happy I get to give this time to my children and hopefully I'm bringing them up right.


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It can be a struggle to be happy with this choice. I think this is because we have no metric to measure our successes or failures by in an even and consistent manner. What is good for you and your family may not be right for your neighbor.

Gave yourself grace each day, do not allow the demons of guilt, or loneliness for adult time to break you. Each time in life is a cycle, and these feelings will pass. Instead find a task or hobby that allows you to feel content, happy, or useful.

Your doing a great thing for your kids, a firm foundation makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE LATER.

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So far as a mother I have worked at a daycare part time, my daughter was in the next room and I would go over on my break to nurse her.
I worked as a nanny 3 days a week and I brought her with me.
Next job was not for a few years and I nannied 2 days a week and brought my two kids with me.
I had another full time nannying job for a while where I brought them both as well. Now I clean office bulidings 3 nights a week. I leave my kids with my parents or my husband.
So for the most part the jobs I have chosen have not taken away from being able to raise my family.

I have worked because either we needed the money, because I felt like I needed more to fulfill me, and a little because I succumbed to the pressure from family members and society that everyone should be working. Not proud of all of these reasons but it's the truth and things I need to work though with myself.

Right now it's because the extra money I make helps us pay our bills and takes away from my husband's stress a bit.