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Drinking coffee with dad as the sun came up was the most awesome treat. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

Do it right and teach them to bait their own hook and take off their own fish. But tying a hook on might be a problem for small kids. You should also make sure they have their own space and plenty of it. My older brother and I would be right next to each other. He always seemed to get bites and I didn't. It also would turn out that one of us would hook the other! Haha! Fun times, digging a hook out of your head !

Most important thing, have fun! Enjoy every second!

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Remind them to be quiet lol

My father and grandfather would constantly harp on me. "Hush! You'll scare the fish!"

Fishing trips with dad and grandpa are some of my fondest memories.

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Fishing requires patience - something kids these days do not have. They bring their cellphones and play games online while fishing.

I'm of mixed opinion about that. I don't like it, but I also don't like being distracted by their antics while I'm trying to enjoy my fishing like the old fuck that I am. With their phones at least they are quiet and don't scare the fish!

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In my personal experience, as a kid whose grandmother had a lake house, I found fishing to be much more enjoyable anytime but the crack of dawn. Now, as an adult, I know the fish are more active in the early morning, but going out at dawn is rough on kids. You can also go out in the evening, fish get active around then as well.