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She does not want what she says she wants. In particular if you change yourself to please her you'll still lose her and you'll end up less of a man besides.


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Be the kind of man she'll want to follow, not the kind of man she says she wants.

Solve problems before she has to nag you for them and you'll still get nagged at for more things, but it won't be as bad. Knowing when to draw that line between 'household problem solver' and 'housework bitch' is a deep and ancient art.

Women will always be willing to spend your time and money before they sacrifice their own comfort. (They want the thermostat set at 80 all winter and the consequences, they don't care, that's your problem) It's up to you to defend those resources without being a miser.

If you assume your relationship will stay the same, then you'll get a nasty surprise when it doesn't. You'll be a different person at 30 than you were at 25, and so will she. The trick is to stay close together and you'll grow into good complements of each other.


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Compromise is Key throughout the relationship involve her in everything important. Honor her, Respect her and show her you care. Tell her everyday you love her and make sure you take at least one night a week to make time for each other, i.e. date night type thing. Enjoy each other. But also remember to be a MAN when you need too. Women don't like Beta's be the Alpha your supposed to be, I have been Married for over 16 years 4 kids and we are still deeply in Love. It's a rare thing nowadays . We are going to renew our vows over the summer by doing it the cheesiest way possible! Elvis wedding in Vegas! lol Good Luck and may Odin Bless your Union!


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Women don't know what they want from a man.

They will try everything to take control of your life and beliefs. If you allow them they see you as weak and are totally turned off.

You need to be a man that is fair. That can listen to her opinion and take the good advice while saying no to the bad and the shit testing. She want to see as a strong and confident man that can tell her no!

You need to understand female manipulation, control and violence. It's all very narcissistic and most men have no idea what they are doing.

Learn this! https://www.brainsyntax.com/Portal/Material/1/David_McDonough_Gov_abuse_brainsyntax.pdf

You will be expected to tell her she is perfect but she will feel free to tell you to change and that you are not good enough. You need to learn this emotional abuse and manipulation and how to shut it down. Otherwise she will never respect you and trust you are the leader she wants and needs.

Women need leading and they really do want it. They just think they don't. But when faced with a man that is self validating, self aware and can't be manipulated they know that's the man they want.

Also you should be aware that you have destroyed your rights to a fair trial the moment you get married. So make sure she isn't a pathological narcissist before you do. Or she will certainly destroy your life.

If you see lots of red flags from the file above you should not marry her! Seriously dude.


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It's all about compromise. Or as my old boss used to say "When everybody wins nobody loses". Giving in just because you think it's the 'correct' thing to do is a highway straight to a miserable life. But likewise so is standing your ground just because you feel you have to be right.

It takes time to get the balance right but if you have the right partner it is one of the most worthwhile things you can do. All the best to you both.


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Tell your girlfriend not to call the house.

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We're planning to have at least 3 kids, hopefully more! That should keep her busy.


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Make an agreement to never fight dirty. You will have fights, you will argue, but you have to always fight with the assurance that you love one another. Calling each other names, disrespecting one another and saying mean things just to "win" will only make things worse. Words can linger for years in a marriage, so choose them wisely.


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I've had to learn this lesson the hard way, but thanks for reminding me!

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