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It's hard to do, but this is what I'm trying. I didn't have a good grasp on any skill other than cooking. In the past few years I've learned (taught myself) gardening, very light home repair, lifting, how to manage my finances, and many other real world skills. Unfortunately I'll probably only pass on a surface-level knowledge to my son (well - more on gardening) but it's more than I was raised with.

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Also teach them not to cut their hair like his.

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I would say that haircut is gay, but he's obviously not a faggot. Also I don't want death.

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That is adorable.

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Calm down hecho

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That girl should be taught how to have high value, so she will earn a high value man to change the tire for her.

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Everyone should know how to change a tire. It blows my mind that people have to call AAA or others for this. That said last time I changed one the jack that came with the car was an absolute piece of fucking garbage.

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We really need a better option than three cheap scissor jacked that come in every vehicle. I'd gladly pay an extra ~$200 for a full sized spare and quality jack if I bought a new car.

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That little fucker is going to have a hell of a time kicking that wheel off the hub if it's been a while since it's been off.

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Loosen them on the ground and tweak it with power steering if you're that damn weak.

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Or just donkey kick it.

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my child's first word would be voat. if I had one

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You wish. And you'd probably honestly try to teach the kid that word first.

But being around VOAT, the kid's first word would more likely be something along the lines of "NIGGERFAGGOT!!"

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