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There's a decent theory God chose them because they were the most flawed. All of the Old Test is God working through really screwed up people to accomplish great things.

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The bible seems clear that he chose the Jews

  1. because Abraham was unique in worshipping (even considering!) that there was one true God of the universe in a world of pantheistic (many gods belief) folks, and
  2. his offspring (both arabs and jews), Jews singled out, were tasked with living a specific way, to stand out as a peculiar people — for the purpose of representing the one God of the universe, so that those paying attention would see blessings or problems for those peculiar people.

Many of the Laws (no tattoos or piecings, homosexuality, not drinking blood, etc.) were to set them apart (sanctify) for a Holy Purpose: that the other religions would see that God wanted to be known. It was not because he thought Jews or decendants of Abraham through Jacob and Isaac were special. He just used them to introduce Himself to the world.

That story line, whether you believe it or not, is fairly aparent in the stories of the Old Testament in the Bible. They simply were not to be like people who worshiped other gods. Example: Prior to the concept of taking a wife for life for reproduction and sexual enjoyment, there was no concept of "homosexuality" — there was only 'sex with anything you wanted. Being asked not to have same-sex sex was about being different by marrying and caring for a woman. The concept of marriage was the beginning of the elevation of women, and it helped perpetuate a bloodline, that continued one way or another from Anraham through Yeshua, Mary's son (known in later texts as Jesus, after the greeks introduced the letter "J").

Anyway, that's the way I heard it.

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A flaw in your reasoning is that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He didn't command those things just cuz; He clearly despises sezual deviants.

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Rules for people to follow for health reasons & moral compasses i.e. meat should be blood free, no pork, punishments for not following instructions, sexual rules regarding incest, killing all the offspring of the fallen angels. Yet, translated incorrectly due to no words in English language have same meaning as original texts. Suggest reading Dead Sea Scrolls!

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Depends o nhiasds sjEws or Christ's teachings.

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Depends on a lot more than that: especially misinterpreted by just about all! Have to connect the dots & reasons those who used & changed the original texts to control & cause fear, subjugate women! Remember, it was the Romans who were in control when they pulled this off!

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Which Bible version are you referring to? Never forget: it’s been changed, books have been left out! Read the Torah & Dead Sea Scrolls - might help!

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The modern Torah has been heavily modified as well.

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God is a psychopath. So being schizo is about right.

Also what’s wrong with Christians not liking quotes from the scripture being posted that could wipe out the faggot clergy?

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The leaders of the flocks will be dealt with first for misguiding is very clear!