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I can't say I'm big on ouija boards but I've been getting back into tarot recently--I received a new Rider-Waite deck (the only one that the gods are known to respond to) a few days ago. A. E. Waite was an agent of the good aspects of the occult while his archenemy, Aleister Crowley, was one of the most well-known agents of evil.

James Alefantis, maybe. He is openly gay, and all gays are attracted to young boys. I don't know if he's actually raping children or arranging for children to get raped.

Tony Podesta's art collection is creepy as fuck and anyone who keeps that sort of thing in their home is probably into some really sick shit. I'm not averse to things that are vulgar or disgusting; if you had a huge oil painting of Tubgirl in your living room, that would at least be funny, and you could use it to start some vapid conversation about what art really is. But this is something else entirely.

I think that both of these people should be executed whether they abused any children or not.

Anyway, these are my pre-tarot thoughts. I would like to ask the gods about Pizzagate but it's a difficult thing to ask; you can't just go, "is Pizzagate real?" and get a coherent answer. I'm going to look around and see if I can find an appropriate spread. Will post results when finished.