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If you think that country music has no place in a country music sub then there is nothing further to discuss! You censor ideas and opinions behind group think! I don't want group think, I want all think and I want to be able to see all that thinking in its own special place so it's not taking over everything around it! We're not going to brigade your website, will you even see our posts on the front page if you've been blocked here? Why would you even care who we're banning? You can clearly see who's getting banned, we're not here to trick or deceive anyone!

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You can't compete with paid shills who do nothing but down vote and post SJW bullshit all day. We have better things to do than compete with bots and upvote and down vote shills all day. What's important is the ideas, there is no room for fake ideas. Go to a fake sub if you want fake ideas.