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Are they banning for calling out the holohoax?

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they did so on reddit, one of the mods @OhSnapYouGotServed is a control freak kike whore herself

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It's "lolocaust".

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I really wish it happened tho

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Hitler was way too moderate, Dirlewanger was right! ^^

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hitler was just too kind and peaceful honestly, if they wanted a monster he should've given them one

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Centipedes are retarded 14-25yr olds who sit in discord and talk shit. Most have just become political masterminds in this recent election and ALL of them tote a glock 17 with a 33 round magazine and a pistol bayonet in their waistband.

Retards banned me from their discord because I asked how being labeled a centipede is a good thing.

Jesus christ

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Those who have come here from reddit with the expectation that they will be able to continue with censorship and any anti-freedom actions will find that Voat is not the platform for them. We have checks and balances.

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It's a shame that Voat's largest influx of users have been the scum expelled from reddit. I really think it could be far superior if it had a larger audience and better funding.

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Why not have v/TheDonald be the Voat version of TheDonald, and v/ThePedes be the Reddit version that happens to be on Voat?

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But if all the users of a subverse WANT to kick all cucks and trolls out, what's wrong with that? Are you saying that because there are checks and balances, it shouldn't be allowed to delete unwanted/useless/fake content?

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I was banned from t_d for similar reasons. " Concern trolling is a disturbance to the larger movement." I highly suspect the t_d modlist is just auto-fill from the usual power hungry suspects. They don't care what the sub is about, they're simply trend mongering whores

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lol. 44 year old retarded pedo here!

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The mods from reddit's The_Donald were no better than the site admins there. Censorship and personal agendas abound. I trust them as much as I trust that dickless fucker Spez. They're literally no better.

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Which is why it is good to know Voat has better moderator transparency with the banlogs, and that there is already a well-established Trump supporting community on /v/TheDonald (in fact most of Voat is a Trump supporting community). There is no need to stay on the leash of rogue reddit mods now that people are here.

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in fact most of Voat is a Trump supporting community

Which is why the new guys will either assimilate or die. Now when they get hated on for being faggots they have to realize that they're acting like faggots, and nobody's giving them shit for supporting Trump.

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Well said, PS. Thanks for all sorts of stuff, but especially your recent efforts.

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Just trying to be a vigilant goat. It's not always easy.

Together we'll keep Voat alive.

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Few things worth doing are easy. We got this! It may not be exactly what OTP envisioned, but this can work. (And maybe he can still get that, too.)

Of course, we'll have to do a membership drive every year at about this time to make up for the lapsed 12-month subscriptions.

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What the ever loving fuck, reddit noobs?! We dont mind you guys migrating, but leave your faggot mods back at reddit.

I feel like we just caught a virulent STD from these guys.

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Voat's immune system is pretty good. There's just something about facts, reason, logic, and truth that just totally devastate attempts as misdirection and censorship.

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Submission deleted in 9... 8...

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Hey, everything I've said is true. If they delete this all we have to do is point to the fact that truth has been deleted and the users here will have proof that we are right.

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They can't be that stupid can they?


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It really is disappointing to see them immediately censor/delete stuff.

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I had some posts removed in T_D and even got banned once for some pretty dodgy reasons, by my mind. Glad to know I can find out which mod did it and what they publicly claimed as the reason for their bans.

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I think half the user base will be back to reddit today. Hopefully things improve from here, and hopefully Pedes are donating -- this migration happened at a really opportune time.

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Many have donated, and I hope those who are willing to pay and thus understand that shit in life isn't free (freedom included) are the kind who stick around. I'm sure many will return, as many always do, but so many have come this time that I think there will be a more prominent lasting effect on Voat.

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Freedom, historically, has been extremely expensive.

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I've never really planned on using voat before because I had TD already so why bother wasting my time with a smaller community, but after this whole fiasco with Reddit I'll definitely be coming back here. I enjoy the atmosphere here a lot more than on reddit, it feels like theres no eggshells to walk on here.

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the userbase ain't the real problem it's the mods who need the gas especially @OhSnapYouGotServed

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Part of me wonders if the Reddit people did this now as an act of good will toward Voat with the money stuff. Probably not, but it very well might work out that way anyway.

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