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[–] LostinSafeSpace 44 points -43 points (+1|-44) ago 

You're the one invading dipshit.


[–] superesper [S] 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Look at this users account. 1 year old, no activity until today. All comments accusing actual Voaters of being "jews" and "invaders" for defending voat against the influx of cancer.

Voat tip for you buddy: Buying Voat accounts is not worth the money. This is not reddit and we are not retarded here.


[–] LostinSafeSpace 41 points -39 points (+2|-41) ago 

It's obvious you guys are scared. The status quo is in the process of changing and that makes your little wee wees shrivel up.

You'll be on /v/thepedes sucking dick for attention then you'll run back to wherever you came from to complain about us just like the commie faggots on reddit.

Man up bitch. Participate in good faith or I'm guessing that the mods will start dropping the ban hammer. Not because you're saying jews this or niggers that, but it'll be because you are in fact retarded.