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I see this too much to not comment. While she is the spawn of Satan herself and surely guilty of crimes against humanity; that is a St. Peter's cross. He didnt think he was worthy to die like Christ so the Roman's flipped it over. It's uncommon but it can even be found on churches.

She likely wears it for other reasons, but it isn't necessarily satanistic.

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Totally forgot about that! Thanks!

But hey! It’s more fun to think she’s a devil worshipper :D

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Something tells me she isnt reading the new testament and finds st peter as inspiration

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I'm betting she would recreate the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark if she even opened a Bible. We get enough flak as it is, one can argue much better when one knows the excuse to be used. It doesn't seem common knowledge that an upside down cross is also a Christian symbol.

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This horse I’d ride!

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I think it's a real photo. There's lots of them at least.

The inverted cross means unworthiness or something along that.

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It’s a satanic or Luciferian symbol. Normal satanist just basically believe god takes full responsibility for all the fucked up shit in this world or something like that and the serpent is a way of accessing God faster. They are pretty much God worshippers when it comes down to it. Now on the other hand the Luciferians (what I call them) worship evil.

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Is this shopped?