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It's not even weed anymore. I've been smoking almost daily for 28 years and am in the process of quitting right now. It's time to be alert and ready.

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its for certain weed

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What do you mean by “it’s not even weed anymore”?

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It's been so crossbred that the entourage effect is all fucked up. You never know how it's going to hit you. The old strains were balanced and predictable. As with everything, once capitalism gets ahold of it, it gets all fucked up.

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I smoked daily for a long ass time until I finally woke up,

They push it toward legalism because it dulls the mind. just like alcohol and other drugs, it is used by people who have something in their lives that bothers them - depression, poverty, their horrible job, their fucked up marriage, whatever. it is a temporary escape route and not a solution. In the long term, I'm willing to bet it only makes the problems worse.

There are people who can do it without getting addicted etc....but is it really worth it? Get high on life. Nature.

To all 420 faggots:

So you're on Voat, you're red pilled but you smoke a shit ton of weed and thus you are most likely out of shape.

Do you honestly believe our civilization will last much longer? Will it last your entire life? No?

Then why aren't you working out? Why aren't you walking for 10 hours straight on a weekly basis? Why aren't you training in a contact sport, boxing, MMA? Why aren't you working on becoming the "evil huwhite man" you were destined to be, and who you'll need to be when shit hits the fan?

Become strong, mentally AND physically. Prepare yourself. You know something's coming.

edit: I fucking loved getting high but no way in hell I'm getting high ever again as long as we live in this FUBAR world. There are more important things right now, and in the foreseeable future.

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I lost weight, got in shape, studied and am still seeing improvements every week almost a year later. Weed really helps if you don’t abuse it (less than 5g a week).

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I applaud you, but that is how I started as well. I'd buy 5grams worth and it would last for close to a month. It helped me cope with the stress of (young) adulthood.

But it turned into 5 gr per day within a few years. It started fucking with my sleep and slowly but surely started turning me into a zombie. Perhaps you are mentally stronger than me.

Live your life however you see fit. I can only warn people of the potential danger.

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Why do you assume that people who smoke herb cant be in shape?

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I personally think that cannabis should be legalized. It has so many benefits for health. I like takings CBD oil a lot, for example. I think you will find some interesting tips and info on it on https://beaverbud.com/cannabis/ Hope you will like it, good luck :)

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Of course! But one thing nobody expected was that it would go Big Pharma.

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interestingly enough Bayer, the largest drug company in the world recent bought Monsanto. you may want to look into recent patents from either company

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I forgot about that.

Which Bayer though? The Americans split the company after WWII.

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You're 100% mentally retarded and beyond educating if you're crying oceans of bitch tears over pot but mistakenly believe alcohol and cigarettes are a-ok. Stay spineless sheeple.

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True. But this post is about weed being pushed by Monsanto and Big Pharma.