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that sounds like pretty much my entire extended families views on it. pretty much all of them believe in god to some extent but all of them despise the church and i dont remember having a single conversation with any auntie uncle or cousin ever in my entire life about anything religious. we were all brought up to believe what the hell you want to believe and leave everyone else alone. i dont even know if i can call myself atheist any more but i sure as shit wasnt going to get up at my grandmothers funeral and spout shit about dead and thats it, so they got a 'if theres a home up there for her shes got an engineer hubby and a fitter and turner son in law already up there with a mansion built for her' speech.

Thor my ass. Thunder is caused by my dad and his father in law fighting over the eternal chessboard....

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we were all brought up to believe what the hell you want to believe and leave everyone else alone.

This is part of why we're in this mess. There were a couple of generations that failed in their duty to pass on the traditions and beliefs of their families and ancestors. "I'll let my kids decide for themselves." And that's when the media and the schools and the entertainment and music industries went right in there and filled all those kids' minds with CRAP.

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kids should decide for themselves. but they should also have the right influences. it just happens that my lot are a good bunch, no ones ever been in jail. things are done because theyre the right thing to do.

ive sometimes considered what lots of people call 'god' might be their own conscience. There is stuff that people do that is inherently good. Sometimes because theyve been taught its the right thing to do and its just what that ancestry does, sometimes because the book of their religion says they must for whatever reason, but its always within the local social context as well which has developed alongside whichever religion is the strongest around that social group - Hence, my background, despite not believing in god, means my conscience is still mostly aligned with the lessons of christianity even if i disagree with the why.

I think the absolute epitome of this is the catholic clergy. 'God forgives all sins as long as you give yourself over to him' - well thats all well and good, but those that are supposed to lead the flock are justifying continued evil of all evils with god forgiving them just because they accepted him into their lives and its only him that can judge. Thats not any god justifying their actions. Or a murderer repenting on death row. Thats those people justifying their actions to their own consience that they are referring to as god.

That being said some bizarre shit happened a long time ago and has popped up again extremely recently that i just cant explain in logical terms, and im feeling like i need to start acknlowedging something strange happens from time to time. But that same thing is telling me that the answer to it has nothing to do with the church.

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Sounds like you are pretty sorted out. I’m not a real Christian because I happily walk into temples and shrines and pay my respects. I figure if god created everything, he created everything which includes pagans and aethist. Good Jew God based fearing people have a problem with god crate by everything- all of a sudden things are made by man. Lol!

I wasn’t around for either grandmums funerals. Too far away and to even fly in on time. I probably would have said that the old lady enjoyed sex and had a good ol time and we should have some drinks for her. Screw boring wakes and crying. Party it up and celebrate their lives!!! So in a way I get what you are saying.

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He also said there is all kinds of filth inside people.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within You" IF you're living in a state of grace. Big difference. God isn't going to reside in all that filth and crap that you let in there.

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True but you are mistaken too.

People have filth. Jesus accepted filth. Jesus probably had filth too - he did think his father forsake him at the least.

So, you are not getting the point.

God created all. Did he not? He created evil to balance good and light to balance dark. He created the ying-yang which clearly shows the balance. He created the force and the Sith. Well, I’m taking this out of proportion but if he did create everything he sure the hell created what I just said.

To reach god you have to overcome the dark. And the fake light too. Yes , those who think they are the light are fake fucks. The might not be serial killers but they sin every day, knowingly and that makes a serial killer better because he isn’t part of the light.

God survives in that darkness. He lives within the serial killers, the rapist and the thieves. It is you who have forsaken god by turning a blind eye to the truth and to true path.

I ain’t no bible thumper. Fuck I gave up on that piece of shit when I read about all the incest and killings and treachery. God gave the Jews a land ... they flipped him off and still created idols. While others who weren’t chosen plodded along finding the true path. A path of humanity. A path of finding goodness within oneself to overcome the filth. I know some of my darkness but I try to over come it every day. I try to people with respect and honor.

So no you are wrong. The kingdom of heaven is accessed by surging that darkness and reaching out to the true light that isn’t sold for shekel donations and pretty churches. You are the temple. You are the kingdom of heaven. Rejoice and embrass the true God.

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You don't need the church, the church is there for when you need it but you don't have to go to church. Some people like to have a central gathering point and the church for me serves this purpose. Really though it comes down to you as the individual being a good person. Having faith in Jesus is beautiful. Judge with candor, admonish with friendship and reprehend with mercy.

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I really hate on the church because not many are like you. Too many fakes including some in my family.

I believe in the spirit of Jesus. Not the man. The spirit.

That is a really good last sentence! And yes, I totally agree that it comes down to the individual. I just wish more people could understand this like you have!

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God doesnt exist. Go elsewhere and talk about your imaginary friend.

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Lol, I’m basically a satanist. So what’s your problem? Fuck the Jew god! Seriously. He is a charlatan who tricked the Christians and Catholics too.

So what else do what to say JIDF?