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Faithist? What the fuck is a "faithist?" That's a made-up word. It doesn't exist, although I'm sure the Internet has jumped on it and is using it everywhere.

This guy may mean well, but he talks v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y with long pauses, and sounds a bit like a doofus. I don't think anyone is going to find the answer to their lifelong questions from this source.

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I doubt anybody will ever find their answer from any source in particular. So many sources have been lost of are just pure bull shit. I just see studying different things as interesting.

The best source is within you. Jesus said the same - the kingdom of heaven is within all of us. The road to which we find that probably depends on you.

Personally, I think the Bible is filtered, rearranged and is tailored for specific purposes. Within it is still much truth but you need to filter it out. Still, I recommend just looking inward and consider what is proper and you will be fine.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=C5lUTnvQQkA :

What Every Mason/Faithist Should Know - YouTube

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A fellow goat, who I believe is a good Christian, gave me a heads up on this.

It’s rather long. It is rather a good rant about Masons and how they are like many “good Christians” and some other good nuggets.

This does tend to be a bit about Satanism but not the occult Q anon child sacrifice kind so it isn’t probably a sin to watch if you are very “devote”.