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Wait. What? Was this trying to say the jet fuel didn't play a factor or it did

Steel heated to 1800 degrees is soft. It's lost its integrity. So conversely steel heated to 1500 degrees, probably more considering the convection heat, that the building was chimney and making it a fucking furnace in the process. I can logically see the connection of the steel failure from the heat.

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But there's videos of melted steel and reports of melted steel from fireman so the question is closer to "what made all the melted steel?" Rather than "could heat of this magnitude cause structural failure?"

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Thermite. I posted another video that covers this.

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Except there isn't. Every single one of those assertions is a falsehood concocted by truthers to spread the lie. Everything from doctored photos to claiming that demo work on the debris was a direct result of the collapse to the supposed "microthermite" that was "found" 8 blocks away and exchanged hands 12 times before being paraded around in a plastic baggy.

It's all bullshit.

Simple fact is steel heated to the temperature 1000 F loses 50% of its stress capacity that instantly eliminates the factor of safety that is built into any engineering design. That combined with the compromised structural components can radically alter load pathing to overstress remaining members. Elements that were once in a safe range are now failing, and when those elements fail the load pathing changes again and fails other elements, and so on, and so on.

This is what we engineers refer to as progressive collapse. The collapse progresses through the structure. It isn't buildings just pancaking, that's only the most prominent example of it.

To put it bluntly, anyone that isn't a structural engineer doesn't know shit about what's going on with a building collapse.

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Ill say its plausible

Due to the magnitude of what was on fire and the fact it was a perfect furnace in the interior, yeah. I can see failure immanent. Have you ever seen a metal furnace work? Its lit with sticks and wood. It melts steel. You get the right speed of air going up the center of the building, you got a steel melting furnace. So, yes I can understand the melted steel. The fire in the wreckage burned on for 100 days.

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Check out another video I posted after this that covers demolition and thermite.

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The elevators could act as a chimney but you need oxygen too. Ever fan your BBQ charcoals?

So how much fuel do you drop to the bottom of the shafts? How much fuel was dumped before the high jacking? Dumping fuel is pretty common for jet liners.

Next, think that 15 stories of weight is enough to power down the rest of the building. We’ll skip building 3 because that is pure ridiculous to think jet fuel took it down.

So you heat up the buildings. The fell straight down. Even watching it the first time I knew that was strange as fuck. So why didn’t the buildings bulge or bend?

The only thing that would make sense is if the elevator shafts turned to sledge. But you would have huge deposits to prove this.

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So you heat up the buildings. The fell straight down. Even watching it the first time I knew that was strange as fuck. So why didn’t the buildings bulge or bend?

This one I have a hard time with. Both buildings fell the same way, and planes hit at different heights.

If the bottom was open for drawing oxygen, and the ventilation was open for fire/safety its plausible that the elevator shafts could act as a furnace. And yes at those temperatures, there would be some sort of slag.

No bending is odd to. Ive got nothing to why there wasn't any twisting or failures to the sides.

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It was and always has been the Jews.

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Exactly. Some fishy as shit fishy shit going on with 9/11.

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we’ll never the truth!

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=iAJrFKxyriQ :

The Dank Meme 9/11 Blacksmith Debunked - (For the undying moronic Jet Fuel Argument) - YouTube

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