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More centrist cucking as our side is growing in strength. Fuck off.

If you assholes spent a tenth of the energy fighting as you do trying to muzzle your own side, we wouldn't be dealing with this shit.

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What is my side?

My side is to pull in more sheeple and awaken them. Your viewpoint is preventing a mass movement that could do great good. But nah, you want a circle jerk echo chamber because it’s hipster shot or something. I’ve been redpilled for decades. I also don’t have decades of brainwashing like most of you. I got a chance to “detox” for 2 decades.

I am just proving an area that is more accessible to normies. A space that leans conspiracy while not watering down your content over at the great awakening.

Tone it down or fall into the trap the media has set up for you. Right now, you are falling into their trap by doing what you are doing and preventing a seriously good movement from being believable.

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Bullshit. Most people are idiots and will follow strength. Especially women. Indoctrinated men will follow them. All your high minded talk ignores that your enemies want to kill you and rape your daughters. What is your side? Your skin is your uniform. For fucks sake, stop punching right.

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You say we have to stand with blacks and Mexicans, so as not to be a nation divided, so that we might win against those fighting us.

I don't actually hate blacks or Mexicans, but you must recognize some things.

1) A nation is a single people, not a random set of humans existing on the same land mass. We were never a single nation with blacks - not after slavery, not after the civil rights movement, not now. We are different types of people with significantly different average capacities and tendencies, we naturally segregate ourselves when not forced to integrate by authorities, we are developing different cultures, etc. Blacks are a different nation, and they need and deserve their own country. It is not in their interests to fight to save ours, and they generally recognize this.

2) Mexicans already have their own separate nation. The millions of them here legally are only here because an occupation government changed our laws against the popular will of our nation. Millions more are here illegally - meaning they are still officially citizens of another nation. They consistantly vote against our traditional politics, they tend not to integrate into our cultures, and they are essentially just expanding the territory of Mexico at our nation's expense.

3) Yes, these people are just being used by Globalists who are against all of us. But they are being used as an invasionary force to destroy our nation's genetic legacy, our way of life, and our power to rule ourselves. Asking us to unite with them is like asking civilians to unite with the army that's conquering them, because the army's generals don't like anyone who's on the battlefield. It's ridiculous and naive.

4) And as far as Antifa - asking me to support "civil disobedience" of a group that openly views themselves as a militant group here to violently stand against people like me and destroy my nation? I'm not going to play nice with them just because we ostensibly advocate against the same government, while they use the support of the power structures that uphold the corruption in that government to violently attack people like me. These mentally ill, miseducated, higher-brain-function-deficient degenerates would hardly make useful allies even if they could stop being manipulated into fighting against us. If you were in the military (which you are obviously not, but pretend with me for a second), would you support every other nation's military just because you also need to use military tactics?

You are living in a pipe dream if you think that we're going to defeat the power-hungry globalist greed-mongers by all forming a new Rainbow Nation and singing kumbaya together, even temporarily. You need to stop watching Hollywood movies and start reading some history. The enemy of your enemy isn't always your friend. Sometimes you're just surrounded by enemies.

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Damn well said!

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Why did Americans save the Jews?

1.) are you saying we should give them Detroit?

2.) the US won parts of Mexico from them. Texas won their state from them too. California was added as a state with them there already and then we bought the Gasgaden Purchase with even more Mexicans. So, I’m not sure what you are going on about.

Note: I am gainst illegals but I am pro-legal-immigrations. Fuck illegals!

  1. Our nations genetic history? What the hell have you been studying? Do you know that people living in New York State hold 2 passports for 2 countries occupying the same space? I doubt if you do. What about the Eskimo’s, Hawaiians, somoans, spics, the folks on Guam and the Filipinos? Lol, you must be a big fat Somoan half or something. Go ahead and talk about the original 13 colonies. I already covered that with my comment about New York. Or maybe you wanna talk about the middle eastern mixed Greeks? Or Minoan Mediterranean mixed Italians? Not sure what you are trying to imply here.

  2. The antifa are pawns. You don’t see that because you are blinded by their recent tactics. They are being used to control you!

  3. I ain’t talking about an impossible utopia like you are. I ain’t even talking about rainbows and unicorns like you are. You try to say I don’t understand history but I just used history for 1-4 above. So, I’ll leave that for you to defend there.

You also having the saying wrong and you clearly misunderstand the concept. You feel surrounded because of delusional controlled thought processes. The farther you leave from the center the easier it is to indoctrinate. Left or right - it doesn’t matter. Your judgement is clouded and you can’t see the issues clearly. And, yes, the horse shoe theory applies to you.

Wake up and don’t fall further into the hands of that also control the left. But hey, if you don’t want to heed my warning go for it.

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Reg. the USA against Mexico, the USA conquered that territory through military ability, organisation, culture, capable people, etc. Not through subversive action and allying with people that are willing to sacrifice the world. That said, the USA should definitely be able to protect and defend itself (and attack their enemies including when said enemies use asymmetrical or even wretched tactics and strategies), and if they cannot, it can be argued that they are not worthy. But that does not change that what most Mexicans and other Latin Americans are doing is wretched. They don't care about the world or the survival of the human species, and they want to succeed no matter what, wihout wishing to put themselves to the test or caring about whether they are or can and will become worthy and beneficial. Willing to drag everyone down and keep them there, wih a great risk the human species ends up in situation where it can only go completely extinct. European/Western nations and some other peoples/nations (as far as I can guess or see, I believe that includes Japan, (Hindu) India and China) follow very different paths that conversely are beneficial to the survival of the human species.

A side-mention is that Muslims, while evil and wretched, have done fairly well considering the extreme Jewish influence there has been on Islam from the very start as well as the in-flow of Bantu genes on most Muslim peoples.

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Saying we have to heal the divide is totally anti-voat since hating on chimps and tacos is the daily bread and butter here. But we have to, in order to become stronger than the NWO.

Got any evidence to back up that claim?

A nation divided is easy to conquer.

You mean a multicultural nation? I agree.

The right is cheering on the arrests of the antifa fags. But, does anybody ever stop for a second and think that those very same laws will run the lm down too like branch Davidson’s?

One side has guns, and knows how to use them.

So, no.

Stay divided or suck it up and stand with the chimps and tacos and win.

Complete horseshit. They are NOT on our side, no matter what anyone tries to tell you.

Think I'm lying? Go live in their ghettos as a white person and see how you fare.

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Watch the news and enjoy your national education programs.

Hmm, so the US as a multinational country can win 2 world wars but today is weak because of the same reason? That makes sense.

David Koreach had guns. Look what happened to him. Bundy got jailed and family shot. Ok ... yeah, guns help like you suggest.

I didn’t say they were on our side nor did I say they weren’t. I said we need to unite to prevent NWO control.

Nah, you ain’t lying. But you ain’t saying anything about how they are being fed CNN live feeds to hate whites too.

Take a deep breadth and consider how much better the US would be without the racial tension. Or maybe just move to the south son, it’s not all racists like Northerners are.

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Hmm, so the US as a multinational country can win 2 world wars but today is weak because of the same reason? That makes sense.

The US has never been a multinational country, nor has it ever been a "melting pot" - those "immigrants" are invaders, protected by the Jews, mostly after WW2, which renders this pathetic argument completely null.

That protection will run out very soon.

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Americans are White. Shitskins not American, as evidenced by the fact that they always qualify their Americanness with their shitskinness. (African-American, Mexican-American, etc). The American people can no longer afford to expose ourselves to outsiders who do not share ties of blood and soil to our People and our Homeland.

Seems to me you're just arguing for more anti-white "diversity".

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You just proved your own statement invalid because you accepted their usage. I on the other hand refuse to accept terms such as Mexican-American.

Seems to be that you have fallen into a group called the “controlled opposition”.

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You just proved your own statement invalid because you accepted their usage. I on the other hand refuse to accept terms such as Mexican-American.

That is what those people choose to call themselves. Your acceptance or refusal is irrelevant. They are placing their mexicanness above and before any americanness they might try to claim, which immediately shows them to in fact be Unamerican.

Furthermore, your refusal to accept that they are mexicans, rather than Americans, makes you sound like a leftist claiming that terrorists are not muslims, when the terrorist himself brags that his terrorist act was done in the service of Islam. You are ignoring reality in favor of feel-good rhetoric.

Seems to be that you have fallen into a group called the “controlled opposition”.

I would say the same about you.

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mhmm, agree, but i'd say involving ourselves with the protests and standing up to fight isn't helping as much as only making protesting more difficult because of these situations. Maybe Antifa is taking the extreme end of protesting to make sure protests aren't as easy to create/set up.

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I think you nailed it!

I can only add that they are being used as pawns and don’t realize it. By them arming up and looking like terrorist makes it easy for the public to agree to laws that would prevent protests that aren’t purely peaceful.

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Might it make sense to not "heal the divide", but instead propose genuinely fair and fully sustainable and reliable deals and let it be up to the other parties whether to take those deals?

Besides, Voat is not for being cucked, and I imagine it is not for cucking others either. It is for truth. And I don't see how it would be right of us to Jew others like you seem to propose.

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So you are saying voat is not for cucks but you want to parse our parts of the US to blacks and Mexicans and who ever else? I’m not following you. Or should just give the whole country back to the Native Americans?

I’ve joked about giving the Blacks Chicago and Detroit. I guess taht would work.

I’m proposing that we stop the race war. Only the (((masters))) win. Neither side has to suck the others dick. We stop affirmative action - this shit don’t work. We put social welfare on a sliding scale so that people can work their way off it and the need to attend trading of some sort - good parenting classes too. It’s not just black nuggets we need to worry about but also the white meth niggers too. Education needs to be rebuilt and other changes.

I don’t see where your last comment makes sense here. Of course you don’t know where isnatnd on certain points but making assumptions isn’t a good thing either.

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Considering things, actions, positions, the natures of the peoples involved, etc., how would it be right or fair for the USA to pass off any part of the USA to Mexicans or Amerindians? Why do you even think of that when I write "genuinely fair"?