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Hope this fits?


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Yep, it does.

“Jewish tradition believes God used the pagan King Cyrus to help Jews return to the Land of Israel from their exile in Babylon and rebuild the Second Temple.”

Weren’t 10 tribes of David expelled from the Holy Land? I need to follow up on this more but I’m thinking they killed off the true Chosen people and took their place for their own purposes. So (((they))) are a real problem.

I’m thinking that a hatred for Muslims is being stirred up on purpose too. The Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the same Abraham God. Sure there are differences but what is really going on?

Obviously, extremeist Muslims are fucked up but not all Muslims are like that. If this were the case Jews should hate Christians and Christians the Jews.


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Shit even Obama is related to all of the past presidents. Jews are those who'd like to be called a jew, i'm sure we all interrelated somehow. They are just people with greed in their minds, human issue. The middle east is a stragetic point with a lot of useful land/resources. Who'd benefit if it wasn't in their hands? Everyone else, otherwise it be another Saudi Arabia. Might as well take over if possible which we did. Controlling the leadership by allowing them to benefit like our senators in america. Each of them don't want to lose their position. Also the average age there is low, their time to mature and educate themselves is minute so they go off of emotions. As long as their's turmoil we can steal from them and/or use them.
Christians protect Israel because the bible asks them too. There's a benefit to gain, as well as money to gain from all the funding Israel gets from Jews around the world. It's a tourist destination, we send hella money there, they spend it on our goods, we use them strategically, win win situation.