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it makes sense to me up until the point they go full retard then you realise theyre just typical conspiratards,

stuff like 'random polish woman no one ever heard of has been proven to be involved with very very well known and investigated child abduction in outback australia 30 years ago'


'This woman that no one has ever heard about has been raped by every single politician in australia proving a massive government sex cult'

yeah nah. the only major pedo conspiracy we have is the catholic church and theyve been outed, not to say there arent others, but theyre the only truly organised, country wide, and untouchable group.

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True about the tip parts of your comment. I’m gonna post a video tomorrow that should clarify some of what I’m saying.

The pedo crap is just new form of control. That’s all.

I met a gay pastor a few years back. He quit the clergy because how rampant gays are in the church. He was at a convention with his “brothers” on Vegas and he said they ran around like slurs fucking men and women. It must be really bad when a gay gets freaked out.

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What will make a person bend to the NWO that is worse than being a pedo?


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Oh so so close!

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Them holding your paycheck?

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Fuck I wish that was it.

Q better be real !!

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I feel like they pay certain individuals or fund some and tell them what to say so they get elected, once there they do what they are told and enjoy the riches. Like those who slept inside the house during the slave era, they wouldn't mind wiping their own race/people if they got favors

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Spit it out! What's worse than torture and cannabalism of children? I can't think of anything.