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Congrats on your salvation! God is good! I'll be praying for you and for your potential new job! Remember to show up for God and He'll show up for you! And in the moments you feel like He isn't there, remember that He is and that all our trials point to your growth in Christ, for the spiritual maturing of your soul! All experiences for your eternal dwelling. There will be seasons of blessing and seasons of dispair, but God remains close to the brokenhearted.

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Thanks. Feels good, man.

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That's lady, to you, man!

Yes it does! I've believed in God my entire life but it wasn't until this past summer that I started getting to know God. It's changed my life tenfold. I pray you are investing in a relationship with your creator daily! His tangible word is alive and He uses it to share spirit with you. May He continue making Himself known to you and may you know Him and the peace He gives, which surpasses all understanding.

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That's great, man. Self discipline really pays off. Unfortunately its benefits are not as immediate as hedonism, but it feels so much better.

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It's funny, how much of life is a direct balance between sacrifice/reward.

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Life is a balance act in every single thing you do. Remember also when things get bad again, amd they will, that it is simply a problem you must solve.

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good motto's

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8 months ago ?

Did you lose your Voat password 8 months ago ?

Damn, that's rough.

What's you new job, Boobie inspector?

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I think my life may have completely spiraled out of control without voat.

Not tryna dox myself, but the job is basically a wandering hype guy for electronics and motors services.

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I would still hold on to your current gig ^^^...work 2 jobs for a while...just in case