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No thats the jews thats coming after our children

[–] TheGreatWhiteHope ago 

Blaming their enemies for what they do. That is their modus operandi.

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As opposed to the Dems, who claim your children don't have any right to live?

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She's truly lost her mind.

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Imagine a cartoon, frame one:

Women laying on her back, legs spread, guy railing her. Behind him is a bunch of guys waiting in line for their turn. Next to this is a girl sucking off a black guy.

The mother says to the daughter, who is sucking the black guy, "I'm scared for you, they are coming after you dear."

Frame two:

Family of four or five sitting at kitchen table. Mother serving food to family. Everyone smiling and belonging. Father sharing the start of day with the kids. Happiness.

Caption reads, "terrorism."

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The old " think of the children" con job

[–] Meme_Factory_1776 ago 

Always about the children when the have nothing , , project much Nancy..?

Coming after to save your children.. OK. Thats fine nancy, thats what we want.

[–] Polic3Stat3 ago 

Nancy might want to ease off 'your children' threats. Recently, I heard about some people she knows and something related to crimes against humanity...