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Let's go ahead and say that voting changes anything and the jews don't simply choose whichever stooge is best for them at the moment.. just for the sake of argument.

Women's suffrage was one of the greatest mistakes we've ever made.

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Lolberts have no answer to this. Mass media brainwashing doesn’t violate the NAP. Should have just worked harder and made your own mass media empire before you were born! Any state involvement would be evil!

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Prob time to remove the invaders. It is a white country.

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That’s not very civnat of you. Didn’t you know race is just skin color and humans are rational actors? One day 80% of blacks will vote for red team!

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As a dude living in Oregon, this explains why I hate my cucked neighbors.

I want to leave these fucking retards behind, but its my home. And I don't imagine I'd get a warm welcome elsewhere.

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I probably will next year. I'm not ready to give up on Alis Volat Propriis yet.

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I thought Asians were mostly red.

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Asians are mostly prosocial and eucivic, which is the claimed policy of the R's; politically they vote for the anti-white party, because they aren't white.

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People vote for their race. Blue team is the non white team.

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MANY Asians are conservative..