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I feel a tad blackpilled myself.

I want to believe in what is written in the screenshot!

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I want to. But why would he turn around and fight the people who used to be his friends?

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its gonna be real weird for you when we all get genocided because no could get out of their chairs to prevent it themselves. no one is going to do it for us. we have to save ourselves.

[–] CinderBiter [S] ago 

No shit. The majority of people here think they’re too small to make a difference. Know that your hours in the gym, quitting porn, etc matter because you WILL get a reward for it. That’s the real white pill.

Also Q is retarded

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Too many "super black pilled" people on Voat get their timeline for victory from movies and episodes of law and order to understand the nuance involved in this undertaking. Q brought his people to Voat of all places....chew on that for awhile oh so black pilled Goats...

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Trump's withdrawal from Syria

We've just sent more troops to Syria. We also left a few hundred troops after the "withdrawal" specifically to protect their oil wells. Something something 4d chess.