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If the Electoral College is made unfair, then the entirety of 'flyover country' will rise up with "No taxation without representation", as the heavily populated areas will vote for only their interests.
It would be awesome to have checkpoints and tolls at every state to allow travel from coast to coast. Maybe the libtards will figure out how important Middle America is.

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So... if you think you are going the lose. You change the rules, gotcha!

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This is how degenerates think. They can't win the game fairly so they will change the rules.

It is amazing they can tie heir shoes they have so little sense.

[–] lord_nougat ago 

She hires people to tie her shoes for her. They're probably illegal aliens.

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They're terrified he's going to do it again.

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I pray all their worst fears come to pass.

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I hope this bitch is the one of the very first to reap what she has sewn over the past 6 years... when THE DAY comes.