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Do women have to cover their face there? Maybe our mask rules should only apply to women. Then they don't have too worry about the male glare.

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I think they are slightly more modernized and less traditional compared to some of the other middle eastern countries. Dubai is as modern as it gets.

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I've looked at pictures, aerial shots... It's like a desert oasis.

[–] plagueship ago 

Saudi is using HCQ always with azithromycin.

tocilizumab for cytokine storms.

They have 10 deaths /100,000 people.

[–] lifeofnephilim [S] ago 

20+ countries are using it. The US medical system is so corrupt and broken. Decades of research about vitamin c, vitamin d, and zinc with respiratory viruses and they won't reccomend it. Common sense.

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They also have this wonderful thing in the UAE called the "Sports Massage"

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Let me guess: it's where an Indian slave woman jacks you off.

Am I close?

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Sometimes boys too. The Saudis are like the Romans in that regard, having a boy sexually pleasure you doesn't make you gay. Being actually gay, that is not ok.

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No, they have white girls too. It's not bad, lots of dumb americans go there and find out their pussy pass doesn't work everywhere.

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