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Islam is not a "Religion of Peace;" It is a statist political ideology that, like Communism, lays claim to a global jurisdiction and has stages that progress from 'sympathetic alternative' to 'dominant destroyer of dissenting life forms.'

Religion is code for theocracy and peace is code for submission to sharia.

Literally, when a muslim says "Islam is a religion of peace" what they are thinking is "Land under Sharia rule is at peace and Islam seeks to bring all land under Sharia to spread peace." And even this is a lie. Because Muslims persecute Muslims for "hypocrisy" and "apostasy" relentlessly.

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Probably would have been better without labeling the wolf Islam.

Their "at least we're not x-phobic" nonsense neither begins nor ends with religion, so it's fun to let people draw their own conclusions. More effective that way too.