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The wall would get built in years , not decades.

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Can we do months?

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Not if we want a quality wall.

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How much of the wall do we have funded so far?

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It is a matter of national security. Just do it now.

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Liberal heads will explode. I love it !

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How the hell is border security NOT a national security threat?

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I would absolutely love to see the liberal meltdown over this. Because there is nothing that they could do. Unfortunately, it would take money out of the military budget for things that he may need. So, my guess is that the Jews would start a war that we would have to intervene into to keep the wall from being built. Because, OMG, we have to use the money for the military to do other things besides the wall.

All of a sudden, the Democrats would care about the veterans, and spending money on the military. For other purposes, of course, than the wall.

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Unfortunately, it would take money out of the military budget for things that he may need.

No, it's already got funding through the "terrible" omnibus bill the shills were whining about from months back.

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How many years do you think we're going to hear about the wall, about potential plans for building and funding it?

How many illegals here will be offered ammesty by the "conservatives" in that time? How many millions of new illegals will show up before the wall is built? How many new Hispanics/Africans/Arabs/etc will show up, legally by policies that the Republicans vote for, because they are family members of immigrants who previously came here illegally?

I get it, v/TheDonald. Trump is legitimately the best president we've had in a long while, and he says some things that we like to hear. But you're watching the theater of politics, thinking that the narrative you are presented with is the truth of what's going on.

Trump is a ZOG puppet, and "president" is a middle management position at best. Mark my words - as long as open borders is good for the international donor/investment class, and as long as we keep acting like we've won because our favorite marketing campaign won an election, we will not have a wall. Trump will be campaigning on building a wall in 2020, just like he did in 2016. And we'll all cheer for his win in 2020, we'll hear a dozen more plans regarding the wall, and white European Americans will still continue to dwindle in percentage of the population while we pay for our replacement.

Trump is not our savior. He's a minor first step in a long, arduous journey - and we need to recognize it if we want to reach the goal. Okay, let the downvoats commence.

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Wow another suggestion I sent to the white house on the comment webpage is being used. Hell now he should have the military arrest and hold a military tribunal for the people in the justice department and fbi since he can't have a fair and impartial trial otherwise and the military is supposed to defend the country and constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic and they are enemies by trying to pull a coup on the elected president using phony evidence and spying on him during the election and after even which seem illegal as fuck even if the dossier was not a fake document. Hell if he had the military do that the liberals would shit themselves.

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