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Considering how much they offshore profits to avoid tax burden, isn't there an overall economic benefit for the US if Apple makes less profit?

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It's a nice thought but it seems pretty unrealistic.

Spend millions tooling up a factory to make components(resistors, caps, diodes, etc) that cost a fraction of a penny each. All while dealing with the EPA and hoping to god they don't change what is acceptable on a whim.

Then another factory each to make the PCB's, screens, cases, memory, IC's, and cpu's. Then a factory for batteries. Then assembly plants. With every step of the way the EPA and the unions take their pound of flesh. They would be better off paying the tax. Sadly..

I doubt there's even enough engineers to make it happen in a reasonable amount of time.

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Pretty sure he's talking about final assembly only. Components would be taxed as they enter the country. Given that Apple is the wealthiest company on the planet I'm sure they could afford to add a couple bucks to their final product cost and not fucking die. Though I know they would instead bump up the selling price by 10-20% and sales would not be impacted in the slightest. Because Apple.