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When is she going to prison? This shit is getting ridiculous.


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As a young male this really skewing my perception and reality of right and wrong. I used to write hundreds of lines for lying in elementary school and yet these people lie, cheat, steal, sell what isnt theirs, keep the profits and use said profits against who they stole what they sold against. i find myself having to check out and occupy my mind elsewise because the political suspense is too much and the speed in which things are transgressing is too slow. i understand the speed and if i were in the driver's seat i would probably be going just as slow driving along the cliffside road that is kabalgate.


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Welcome to the Jungle

The 0.1% don't think the rules apply to them, they're mostly fucking parasites mang. Once in awhile, one of them gets caught in public by the mob, so the parasites shove him or her to the angry mob, like those ancient Russians in the painting throwing one of their own to the wolves chasing their dog sled, hoping to slow down the ravenous pack long enough for the rest of the Russians to make their escape. And once in a very great while, the mob is just to fed up - then a Robbespiere appears, or a Lenin, and starts shooting everyone or chopping off their heads. Then the cycle begins anew, albeit with a mix of fear and hope for change. But nothing ever changes. The play is always the same.


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As she burns and crashes,



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At this point I'd just be happy with any conviction even without jail time


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Frankly it's the most pertinent question.

If the Clinton crime family is not put to jurisdiction (and soon!), then America is still captured.

There are so many reasons a federal prosecutor could and should put that cackling slag in prison.