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The Los Angeles Times is corrupt and should be archived in the OP. It doesn't deserve our support. Please keep this in mind for future posts.

Also, please see:



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One persons opinion


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No, a matter of fact. The Los Angeles Times has a long and consistent history of serving the Cultural Marxist false narrative.


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https://archive.is/yVFAk | https://vgy.me/H5hJBW.png :

Homeland Security chief says 'confusion' spurred by the Trump administration is stemming illegal immigration - LA Times

'Tough rhetoric from the Trump administration has injected "confusion" into those who are considering crossing illegally into the United States and made them abandon their travel plans, a senior official said Sunday. ', "Trump has vowed to deport millions of people in the country illegally and build a wall on the United States' border with Mexico to keep them out."

' Some cities, including several in California, have declared themselves sanctuaries and say they will refuse to enforce federal laws that target immigrants in the country illegally. '

'Jeff Sessions, on a tour of the border, announced orders to law enforcement officials to crack down harder on immigrants who cross into the United States illegally multiple times. '

'"The laws on the books are pretty straightforward: If you're here illegally, you should leave or you should be deported, put through the system," Kelly said. '

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