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I was watching this live as well. He slayed the shit out of that CNN reporter. We are in the dankest timeline right now. Fucking hilarious. Then he bashes Hillary again for that stupid 'reset button' shit she did. I'm still laughing.

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God damn, that CNN reporter was rude as shit. Trump already said no, he just wasted 30 seconds of everyone's time. He should have been escorted out by security for causing a scene.

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Rofl @ reporter trying to talk over donald trump trying to get his question out anyway... when has that ever worked with trump

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I LOVE the way Trump and the Russians have responded to this whole debacle; like Nannies watching a toddler have one final tantrum because "It's long past his bedtime".

They know that next week they can have a grown-up, uninterrupted conversation about what is best for their Countries and the World, in the meantime, just ignore the kicking and screaming.

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He fucked CNN so hard that they actually complimented Trump

The press is like a dog and sometimes if you want it to behave you have to beat it into submission.

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It's the pepest of times.

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Praise kek.

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And the memest of times.

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What was the 'reset button' thing?

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When Hillary was Secretary of State (back before she wasn't a complete corpse), she went to Russia with a little plastic button and a bunch of paparazzi, and tried to say that she was going to "reset our relations with Russia" before forcing the button into some poor Russian diplomat's hand and pressing the button herself.

The best part?

The Russian writing on the button doesn't even say "Reset".

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Here is the press conference:


Here is CNN & Buzzfeed getting ripped.


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CNN on suicide watch

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Cannot happen soon enough.

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God this is amazing. I can't wait to watch these after work.

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Butthurt Progressives downvoting a press conference vid, hilarious!

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On a PBS station of all channels. "Fuck PBS."

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my fucking president, im gunna go enlist

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ALREADY AHEAD OF YOU BROTHER! Semper Fi if you're going Marines.

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I'm in my 30s. Can i still join?

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I believe You can enlist up to 36 w/o a waiver.

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I would enlist too if they would have me.

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He just destroyed CNN. Turned them into Buzzfeed with a satellite uplink. Imagine if you were an actual journalist unfortunate enough to be worrking for CNN. What would you be doing right now ? If you were an advertiser on cable, what would you be doing ?

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Writing up my resume carefully excising mention of working at CNN. Maybe saying I was traveling the world for the past few years.

If I was an advertiser I would either start demanding a lower rate or pull the ads.

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Not to worry, there are no actual journalists at CNN.

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Holy crap, how on earth do these journalists live with themselves. This is the most annoying human behavior I've witnessed in weeks.

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Never watched it, probably never will. Although that might be because I'm Swedish, I don't even know if it's aired in Sweden.

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I love this man more than ever.

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Here is the short video of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8MS5KtMudA

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the stream i watched didnt show the little cuck, haha that look of defeat at the end. Representative of all CNN and liberal media right now

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And people applauding...

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ha ha! REKT!

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The least you can do is not link to that shitty website

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NO, this clip should get MANY MANY clicks on Cnn.com

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