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In order for you relieve the burning power of the Orb, you must bind another hapless soul to the Crypt.

I smell a pyramid scheme xD


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Noooo not at allll ;)


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@Middle_Path and @Kith

This is a basic outline of where we are so far. @Trigglypuff was alone in the crypt, an unspecified creature was after her, but the orb kept her safe. She encountered a giant cockroach(DCB messin), who is the last of his kind, and is sarcastic. They are at an unspecified place within the crypt.

@Dumb_COMMENT_bot was immediately captured upon his arrival in the crypt. He has been enslaved by cultists, who with blood magic and crystals, can control him.

That's pretty much where we are. They are the only two stories with any progression, and can be found in the side bar. I will write you two in now. If you need me, ping triggly


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Well if Dumb_Comment_Bot is going to stick with his slavery shtick I might as well stick with my female problem shtick. I'll post in a bit