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The internet is the, "voice of the people" and the people happen to be pretty stupid... It gives a megaphone to every single dumbass you have ever known.


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WHITE POWER! lol jk. Seriously voat is just a Honeypot for white supremacists.


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What's wrong with white power?

What people find "profound" you may see as "stupid" or "infantile" but at the same time what YOU see as "profound" will be viewed with same skepticism.

What I find to be profound is objectively profound. But there are definitely skeptics. Though, I find them to be enemies.

We all think we "know better".

I do know better.

And, I may try to talk smart but I am a idiot.

That may be.

Do not fill yourself with pride before you have something to be proud of.

I agree with this sentiment.

I am a dumbass who is trying to understand how much of a dumbass I am.

Why do you think you're a "dumbass." Not saying your wrong, just curious about your reasoning. And isn't that begging the question?

P.S. I don't feel isolated. My core tenets are learned and taught from a long line of influential powerhouses. And many today, abide in them. Some knowingly and others unknowingly (though, I worry about the latter group).