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Made a TL;DR cheatsheet, does this help?

SCP (Submission Contribution Points)

  • starts at +1 per link or selfpost
  • ±1 per upvoat/downvoat

CCP (Comment Contribution Points)

  • starts at 0 per comment
  • ±1 per upvoat/downvoat
  • you cannot upvoat your own comments
  • I suppose you cannot downvoat your own comments either
CCP What you get (per 24hrs)
0-20 10 upvoats
> 20 CCP/2 upvoats
> 100 downvoating (??? downvoats/hr)
< -50 1 submission, 5 comments

edit: ± upvoat/downvoat

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Great Work! Thank you.
Might want to add "/downvoat" at the end, to explain the "-" in the "±1" points.

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ah, good catch! Updated

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I'm sitting at 253 CCP and haven't hit a downvoat limit yet, but to be honest I don't really downvoat a lot so I'd have a tough time saying.

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A download limit would be in the form of a certain number of downvoats per 24 hours. It will not be tied to how much CCP total above 100 you have.

Speaking of downvoats and CCP, there was a very good suggestion, presented at /v/ideasforvoat some time ago, to give downvoats a 'cost' by making it substract from your own CCP. It will not prevent people from downvoating, but will make them use that 'asset' more wisely. It would also encourage more discussion since people who decide to use a downvoat would be compelled to say why they did it in a reply comment.

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That's one question I have no reply to. Hopefully with this discussion, some one might chip in with an answer.

Edit: I believe the answer is in "Update 1".

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This is the only question I've yet to find an answer to since joining Voat.

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Voat also has some limitations for users that accumulate a negative CCP total. If your CCP total reaches -50 or less, you will be limited to 1 submission and 5 comments per 24 hours. This rule was introduced only a month ago to throttle troll account.

Hey there /u/KL1,

I feel like the CCP rules seem a bit overly aggressive, in that it can target anyone with an unpopular opinion in a thread, whether they are being respectful or not. For example, I had 17 CCP earlier today, close to reaching the 20 milestone, but because I chose to make several sincere but unpopular comments in this thread I'm now sitting at -17 CCP (and still dropping). Like, I'm not inciting hatred, or trolling, I'm just holding a view that HAPPENS to be unpopular in this one specific thread. As such, voicing a dissenting opinion at voat seems to be discouraged, because it can severely limit your posting and voting capacity. You're welcome to read my comments there yourself to judge whether you think I was acting out of line, but I feel I was behaving reasonably. In fact, I implore you to read the thread, and really consider for a moment whether my behavior there is of the sort that ought to not be on voat, or if it is the sort of dissent that should be allowed.

If you want an echo-chamber of opinions, this is the type of policy that gets you there.

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I always thought downvotes should've been removed from Reddit and I hold the same opinion here. If you disagree with what someone has written, express it in words and not the petulant, anonymous click of a down arrow.

In nearly 10 years on Reddit, I rarely downvoted and if I did, I explained why I was downvoting someone.

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Without even reading the thread, I believe that the voating system rules are brilliant and justified. They are put in place to encourage discussions and curb tolling/spamming. The rule you quoted is essential for the voating system to work. I'm ok if you disagree with the value, and I personally think that the value -50 would need to revised based on the size of the overall community (if Voat reaches 1 million users for example, -50 would simply not work). But the concept of limitinf account that drop beyond a certain CCP value is a good and much needed rule.
The whole voating system here at Voat is based around CCP and not SCP like deaddit. This is a big difference and some people find it hard to adapt to for a while. Comment contribution is the key. Be engaged and comment a lot is (should be) Voat's motto. Sure, once in a while a lot of people will disagree with you. But, unlike deaddit, a lot of them will tell you why because they understand the system. They understand that comments are what matter. I've seen a fair share of comments that get heavily dounvoated here, but I haven't come across an account that got to the -50 limit where they didn't deserve it. The thing is, you comment, you find out people disagree and downvoat you, they tell you why, and that's that. If you don't turn aggressive or insulting and keep 'spamming' with your already established position or 'trolling' users for their opinions, then you're good. You'll have other comments in other communities that get upvoats and things will balance out. If you go on a crusade to try and change people's opinions by force, then you'll probably reach the -50 threshold and rightfully be limited to 1 submission and 5 comments per 24 hours.
If a certain opinion happens to be unpopular, then it's not really an echo-chamber effect. It's just that it's unpopular. No one is stopping you from saying it or believing in it, but it just happens to be unpopular and people will act accordingly.

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That can be a very dangerous thing when it discourages people to comment because then they may get down voated more for no reason. I know that it most likely won't happen but it can be a fear.

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I think I am missing something here, what do we do with our SCP?

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Well, it's more of an indication of how much content you submitted to Voat. In the grand scheme of things, it's not important. That's one of the major differences between Voat and deaddit. Comment contribution here at Voat is more important than submissions. As a result, you probably won't see the meaningless race to accumulate internet points that results in shit posting here.

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That was really thorough, great job with that write up!

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Thank you. Glad I can help this wonderful community.

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and here i was upvoating and downvoating everything i agreed or disagreed with. time to start hoarding.