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I've been saying this shit for months. Peterson is a piece of shit. He says things that sound good but can be interpreted a multitude of ways. He's a basic boomer existential relativist (((Harvard))) psychology professor with UN connections. If the media is kvetching over something and it doesn't get shut down, he's not "one of us". They'll do everything in the book to protect him.

He has already ignored so many important questions that it's no surprise they went to a vetting system. He's ignored questions about the Holodomor, Solzhenitsyn's 200 years together, and probably other stuff I haven't seen yet. I've got lots of sources for dirt on this guy if you're curious.

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youre right. he even mentioned people who bring up his connection as 'shills' and the crowd loved it.. i dont they understood what he said, but they did understand his cues to mock something.

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Haha people who bring up the UN connection are shills? Wow, yeah, he knows what he's doing as far as narrative control.

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Always pay attention to the words and not the person.

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I blame you. What were you expecting? He was a LIBERAL college professor who just happened to be conservative on speech. Most of his talks amd videos are very liberal and basic. He's barely smarter than Steven Crowder who debates at a high school level. He isn't the next Plato. He's just a classic liberal that happened to align with conservatives on one issue.

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i knew all that, i just didnt think it would be that normie fied. he claims to have a majority of his audience be young whtie men and i didnt see any. now i think he just says that to rope them into it

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It's pretty classic cult behavior. It should get interesting in five years if JP can keep it together enough to lead other people off his deep end.

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I had a dream that Peterson was a demon. Had a convo with him. Always had snarky, certain type answers to my questions. Very weird. Totally JBP in my dream, but when I looked really close at his teeth... Demon.

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He did look very strange in person

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A jew is gatekeeping for him there and you expected what exactly?

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no, i know. i just was interested in what normies thought, i just didnt expect how pathetic the people would be