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One thing that Trump improved that no one is talking about - Police and everday people relations


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But the media tells me how stupid he is. Are you saying he is winning?!


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The Tariffs is good if it allows us to keep China from controlling our economy and to expand our global reach, but ultimately we will need a medium. Trump needs to use it as a situation to build up the corporate sector and supply jobs to people, but most of our corporate sector has been fleshed out by major corporations or private contractors, instead of having a more fine-tuned system of commerce and industry where corporations and manufacturers work through industrial farms, a kind of broader and more mechanized version of the domestic system, and a guild system/syndicalism.

The big thing Trump needs is to draw up Anti-Trust like laws that are applied to China, which will mean they can't own the companies they own in North America, which would be for the American worker. They can't invest an exorbitant manner, unless it aids us, and the trade offer is we take in only a certain amount of their goods. Tariffs kept in place for too long could raise the price of certain goods, which for some people might not be good exactly, but the good thing about that in the grand scheme is it could encourage competition on the global market, if others are willing to get involved and if we start trying to replace China's economic model and could luck with that since we prefer to be just a consumerist society.

The Tariffs things could also create a backlash when it comes to keeping the dollar up with the price of goods and our debt crisis and if raising prices is something that hampers the consumerist society, although I don't it should do so. Trump is really try to bail out and get the boat to shore safely. I wish him the best in his efforts.


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"The days of US labor and small business funding the world economy only to build multinational monolith corporatuons are over so long as Trump stays true and in charge."

That's the one sentence to rule all sentences.

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How do you get the idea that access will be cut off? It just means phones and other products will increase in price. Tariffs are a tax not a ban. Other countries will not benefit much because they are already producing what they can. Your theory would mean by the US not purchasing more other countries will - so who will start producing more? Nobody. Chinese manufacturers might lower costs to move product but that means that just offset the tariffs. Companies like big long production run contracts over hundreds of retooling bull shit ones.

Companies will either try to pass off the taxes onto is the consumer or will start to build factories to lower costs. The tech sector will get hit the hardest and if I were a company I’d look into highly automated factories to prevent slackers from fuckin up the process or just charge more. If companies had a heart they would eat the price increase since they probably can.

Your dooms day scenario is like a 5% chance. If the US defaults, the world collapses.

But you are right, the US consumer will take it on the chin but if the plan produces more manufacturing in the US then it will be a short term hit and over the long term US consumers will benefit even more than what they lost.

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