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We have our first reaction-psyop to this post, ladies and gentlemen.

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"This is the relationship your ancestors had."

Everything old is not bad. Everything new is not good. Sometimes your blinding flash of insight was rejected 200 generations ago because it was fucking stupid!

This post doesn't cover all the bases. A 30 year old woman today is the maturity level of LITERALLY a 8 year old girl from 1900. But identifying the problem is not helpful unless you have a way to fix it.

Young people are in existential need of ADULT guidance. The best path to get to a working society is to get EVERYONE out of the debt laden indoctrination centers of "college". Put the young men to work as apprentices in useful industries. Marry off the women to men that have stable jobs and are ready to take on a family.

I would say 16 is the youngest possible age we could use for females. But 19 is too old. And it is unrealistic to say "All women must be married in the 730 days between 17 and 19.

This isn't a perfect plan. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And while we were busy on Facebook western civilization has reached the edge of an abyss.

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Maybe just half the women should marry. Then every guy who marries gets an above average girl