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You go good thing

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Pfft you think this is anon? They know who I am lol

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Good. Now shut the fuck up.

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Love you too :D

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Me, too. Someone had an idea for a plug-in that would let you leave Voat comments on any webpage for other Voaters to read and reply-to when they stumbled upon them (if they also installed the plug-in).

My only hesitation is you're giving the guy who wrote the plug-in your entire browsing history. They could probably steal your identity or worse. Maybe something like that for a more private and intimate group, like a classroom or a club or a family.

I still analyse media. But I don't "consume" it. Voat is a medium, itself. Consumption is one thing, but Consumerism is wage-slavery. Anyways, that's a distance enough away from where I started to stop talking. Cheers.