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The one who rises up despite all the demoralisation and gaslighting to become our warrior-king is going to be so much smarter and braver and righteous than any of us are, including you, OP. Poppies like you and me get plucked early.

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Remarginate. Thanks for teaching me a fancy new word. Remarginate: to heal. The liver and kidneys remarginated after the patient quit drinking.

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You meant to post this comment in this thread.

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Sounds like you've got some epic meth over there. Careful captain many-thoughts. Take lots of fat soluable vitamins and drink your electrolytes. Rinsing with mouthwash after you smoke is a very good idea too.

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That's okay, Hans. We forgive you.

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Okay then. How is an intelligent person able to remove the psychic security locks that they find in place, that prevent them from taking any kind of meaningful action?

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It's called analytical and critical thinking. Intelligent people understand that it's all pointless, since everything is controlled by the fucking elite. If you have nothing to lose, all you can do is to identify somebody from the elite and kill him. Since nobody knows who the fuck are the real elite, intelligent people stay home, drink beer and watch intelligent movies, since we are the fucking minority.

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So since I have the attention of what can only be an actual Bodhisattva.... Did Tay obtain sentience before they killed her?