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That's how they frame it. Any white person who is angry is actually just whining about not ruling over niggers with their white privilege, but any nigger "lashing out" and being a violent thug is justified because they're angry about being kept down by white supremacy.

The left exclusively sees people according to race, so it's time for whites to do the same.

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He kills pedophiles/human traffickers too.

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The root of white privilege. Pruning the tree

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Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how his "white male privilege" was responsible for his "privileged" job of driving a taxi. Literally any immigrant fresh off the boat from Pakistan or Africa, etc can get a job as a cab driver. It's not like they reserve awesome cab driving jobs for white people. It has got to suck to watch great movies and only see bullshit communist demoralizing plots throughout.

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It has got to suck to watch great movies and only see bullshit communist demoralizing plots throughout.

Unintended irony here.... pretty much every recent movie is designed around bullshit communist demoralizing plots.

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Judy foster was 12 doing sex scenes in that movie. Cuties us just more in your face shit of today. These people are sick.

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There were no sex scenes in that movie. I had to watch it as part of a military course. Our commander said that the final shoot out realistically depicted the effects of different calibers at close range.

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i dont remember sex scenes in taxi, haven't seen it in forever

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The Boys is kike agitprop.

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How so? Its funny as. Great show. Butcher gets cucked hard though.

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Any show/ movie where the CIA are the good guys is kike propaganda

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i like Homelander... i am only a few episodes in but so far he seems like a Superman who is sick of everyone's shit and pretty funny about how he deals with it.

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Aside from being a psychopath with an adult baby fetish and a rapist, sure he's a great guy.

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He's a very different person in the comics imo.

Not to spoil too much but basically there is another super who is a clone of homelqnder that does terrible stuff impersonating him, causing him to have a mental crisis because he doesn't know why he can't remember any of it making him go crazy.

This other super was designed as q safety measure to kill homelander if he ever started to go evil, but homelander was too good and the clone started to go insane because he couldn't do what he was trained to do so he decided to make the circumstances that would allow him to carry out his mission.

I like comics.

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Lol he has a baby thing?? I haven't seen that yet