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Yes, it's monstrous what has been done to the germans. It was stupid of the nazis to play by the rules.

Look up what happened in Danzig.

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In fairness, the Germans also broke a lot of rules, but from what I can see the soviets were far worse, and the Brits/Germans weren't much better.

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Which ones? As far as I know they always tried to comply with the geneva conventions.

[–] Tor1 ago 

Ethically you are not limited when you are defending your life, liberty, and property. Don't let them kill you with their slobbering chimeras suchlike soviets , civilians, nor deliberate sinkings. If you look closely you can smell the kosher koch suckings as they subtly try to mislead into their gilded mindpalace slaveries

[–] physicscat ago 

It was war.

And the Germans invaded the USSR and broke a non-aggression pact. I loathe the Soviets, but it was wartime and the Germans were the aggressors.

[–] Broc_Lia [S] ago 

Torpedoing hospital ships (and she was marked as such) is still pretty low.

They also continued shooting down German transports out of Kurland after the German surrender killing hundreds of wounded being evacuated. Their motivation wasn't securing their state, it was killing as many ethnic europeans as possible.

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Yes, much like the US civil war of Northern Aggression that still rages long after the aggressors declared victory in 1865. Groupthinkers made a fatal overreach back then and the stench of their corona viral idiocies has enraged even the most micro of micro Pedes into macro macrophage all you can eat. We freethinkers are feasting as they quiver-shelter in their stinkholes virtue signalling their demise.

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Damn.. good post. I didnt know that either, but I am glad that I do now.

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This isn't the only example. Look up the "Cap Arcona."

The brits thought a cruise ship was going to be used to evacuate high ranking nazis to Sweden, so they sank it and ordered everyone in the water be strafed. Turns out it was being used to evacuation concentration camp prisoners out of soviet territory.

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good call. Thank you. I hadn't heard about either of these cases.