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Yeah? It should be punishable, just not as a felony. As it stands, marriage is a legal contract with a partner, made through the state. Violating it should be an offense. Canceling or changing this contract should take the consent of both partners, and violations met with civil penalties. As all other contracts are.

This isn't the ideal solution, just the logical extension of our current system. Israel of all places offers a better alternative. A series of marriage courts (say the states each get one), designate their own standards & answer to a central body. Marriage licenses need to go. The only reason they exist in the first place is as a holdover from the eugenics era. The states wanted to prevent people of certain genetic backgrounds from being married & having children.

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I think marriage shouldn't be legislated. It's a religious ritual and should remain separate as such.

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Yes, any contract should be a separate civil matter. That's the point of having marriage courts. It becomes an internal religious matter. That said, Israel's courts do issue licenses. They also deny them to homosexuals, and to inter-religious couples who's Jewish counterpart is a citizen. They don't take kindly to miscegenation.

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Blue laws exist on the books in many states, but really, theh have no teeth as the 14th amendment gives apriory to the federal law. So you'll find manybstates with laws that contradict the fedral giv'ts laws, BUT, The Fed laws supercexe the contradictory state laws.

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Should be punishable by death! Haha. Whores

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Yeah, good luck trying to get a judge to enforce it.