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Well, I was going to title this one "It's About Time!" .. but then I realized that kind of lameass pun might damn my soul to Hell. Or New Jersey, whichever comes first. Anyway, I think most people would agree with me that Daylight Savings Time should go the way of the Edsel and New Coke. But tell us what you think about this ... maybe even some stories, good or bad, about how DST has affected you?

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Someone with a twitter account: please message all governors and premiers in the US and Canada in one message saying something along the lines of "Hey, all of you. You are now in a chat about ending daylight saving time. So do it".

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It was created because it was "supposed" to save money by increasing the number of daylight hours...

It’s all about energy policy and money.

I do believe it is far more likely it's just (((them))) fucking with us, as jew-sual.