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This is probably good

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Insurance carries them kids to when now? 24? 25? 26? The price of lower medical insurance rates... infantilize your over twenty year old... pay the toll.

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I'm from a big Guido family packed into a little suburbs house so i kinda measured my adulting and manhood by escaping it and supporting myself, which i did quite young for my generation.

But it cost pretty dearly now I'm trapped in American poverty. If i was that 52% id have savings and shit. It csnt be that bad so what?

I imagine the men arent getting laid very frequently though unless they're in LTRs.

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I imagine the men arent getting laid very frequently though unless they're in LTRs.

Opportunities have been extremely sparse regardless so I doubt it matters that much.

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I did go out for the first time in a while last night and noooooo single girls!! All coupled.

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Living with parents doesnt always meaning living with them. I live on my mom and her husbands property in a tiny home we built together. Suck it renters and mortgage cucks!

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Millionaires, and Billionaires have multi-generational homes-compounds correct?

Prior to the fucking Kikes socially engineering "The Nuclear Family" nationwide, White Christians had multiple generations in households, and multiple homes on the same property. It was a social structure that personally provided and cared for their entire family from birth to grave.

Today the wealth of families is intentionally leeched from them via the current system that bankrupts elderly. It is an deliberate social practice pushed upon Whites that prevents wealth from being passed onto successive generations.

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The coronavirus outbreak has pushed millions of Americans, especially young adults, to move in with family members.

It's pure laziness and apathy that keeps these people at home with mom & dad, not the coronahoax. They did not move back in.. they never left. My heart goes out to these parents stuck with taking care of these able bodied freeloaders.

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I’m pretty sure @Burn_minorities is one of them.

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What a terrible desperate insult. Why give money to leeches when it can go to family. That money comes back to me in food and utilities. To anyone else it would only cover rent. No food or water or electricity. This kind of behavior is so unbecoming of someone who claims to live by the saint and die by the saint

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Insult ? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Are you saying there’s something wrong with living with parents ?

It’s very becoming for stop codons to stay with their parents.

Frees up resources for people trying to raise their own families.

Don’t misconstrue my intentions.