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The thing Mormons kind of gloss over is if their God was once a man that has been exhalted, then he didn't create the universe and there is at least one greater God than him that exhalted him to godhood. In fact the Mormon God is less if a god, and more just a really powerful alien with lots of wives. Who tell his worshippers not to laugh too loudly. What a fag.

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Lol like I said I don't follow any one religion because they all have their quarks.

Imagine a Light being trapped. Everyone here is of the Fallen. Our GOD of this realm a Bi Polar Being. If one gets extremely Polarized In the Positive. They will be like Krishna, Jesus, Or Buddha. Or any other term for a being that loves All. Then if polarized To the negative you will Get Lucifer and whatever other demonic names. Heck likely most Conquerors were more "negative" oriented. Meaning they valued to expand their countries goals without valuing their neighbors or thought they might lift up them as well.

Then you get deities that are able to combine these natural forces. The negative and positive. Or the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. You get Bephomet, Hermaphrodite, Ometecuhtli.

Basically any being that get's enlightened in this realm will be a variation of this. This realm is basically holographic, or just light projection. Nothing is ever touching everything is seperated. It is all projection. Though we can feel things as solid, what is solid is just really condensed particles that never touch one another. IT is projection.

Some cultures call this place Maya, then through the lens of Science they call it a Simulation, Christians Even dub it "Creation"

and it is composed by the being of "GOD" which is a pure expression of "LIGHT" But not light as we come to understand.

But what I say really doesn't matter, what you experience and discover for yourself is what matters. Religions really have put a cap on peoples knowledge because people want to be right. So they forsake others and believe themselves to be right. Christianity does have some things right though.

I am. IS and should be your first priority in life. Because if you can not be well yourself, how can you care for another.

Anything outside of the realm we find ourselves in. Well. I don't know of it. Jesus may have been in contact with it, maybe being passive is the right way.

I just think a balanced approach would be best.