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They also squat on and gate keep many natural resources.

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you dont get rich and stay that way by not being a complete fucking cunt.

we've got one dude here who drops hints that hes rich all the time and the thing is that hes got the cunt attitude to go with it so i actually believe him.

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sure why not thats the guy

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John d Rockefeller was the patriarch.

He standardized kerosene and oil so manufacturers could safe use it in all applications.

What the fuxk are you talking about?

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Corbett Report does an excellent job of covering this man

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Sounds like the jew playbook.

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According to David Duke's in his book "My Awakening", he has a book published decades by a small group of jews, a "who's who" of who's a jew in industry and finance. It had a small print run and was intended to be read by insider jews only. They include John D. Rockefeller. He said he doesn't know for a fact whether Rockefeller was a jew, but the fact that jews consider him to be one and said this in their own publication is significant.