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Maybe if they didn't stay up until 3 am, this wouldn't be a problem.

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and maybe if parents make their kids do some physical labor, little heads would hit the pillow early and hard. my folks worked me, and i am glad for it.

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And maybe if they weren't sucking down energy drinks and other shit laced with caffeine, they would be able to go to bed earlier than 3 am.

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The CDC? Aren’t they the same outfit that infected hundreds of rural negroes in Mississippi with syphilis, under the guise of “free vaccines” ? Just so they could study the way it spread ?

What would stop them from doing the same sort of thing with White Americans, now that we’re the Undesirables ?

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we arent undesirables we are deplorables, wording is important.

[–] persiangovernment 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Oh, right - Deplorables.

In any event, my point is that I assert White Americans will likely be targeted for these sorts of “experiments”, if we aren’t already. And I’d honestly rather not just “wait-and-see”, considering what’s at stake.

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fuck those niggers. They should have injected them with cyanide

[–] persiangovernment 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

My point isn’t to defend the niggers - it’s to point out that the CDC isn’t above doing this sort of thing. And nowadays, in the eyes of the CDC, we’re the niggers.

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Is the cdc working with diseases or sleep patterns?

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The CDC commonly pokes its nose where it doesn't have any business in being.


[–] Guy_Justsome ago 

The last "C" stands for "control."

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perhaps they should focus on diseases until they get good at understanding and treating them

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They can't put their goddamned phones down and go to bed.

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another reason to homeschool or community school

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https://archive.ph/AmK2i :

2015-08-17 | CDC Warns: Early School Start Times Could Negatively Affect Sleep-Deprived Students’ Health and Academic Performance - The Atlantic

' Indeed, there’s always a vocal chorus warning that later start times will hurt high-school sports. '

'And while teenagers are going to bed later, their school start times are often becoming earlier as they advance through middle and high school. '

'In some districts, the start times are largely dictated by local transportation companies, with school boards and superintendents contending they lack the funds or authority to change things. '

'While the federal recommendation is making headlines, the data on the potential risks of chronically tired adolescents isn’t new information. '

'It’s typically more difficult for adolescents to fall asleep earlier in the evening than it is for other age demographics. '

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[–] BoraxTheFungarian ago 

How would they even know? It's probably mostly poor diet. The CDC is fucked up anyway.

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