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ah yes, neeson, the anti-gun tough-guy, shoot-em-up, action-jackson hollywood piece of shit.

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Yeah, I suspect he's had a long career as a go-to Hollywood Elite bull in their sex events (HW actresses never shut up about his cock size). They like that he's a bit "wild", as with that stuff he said about wanting to "cosh black bastards" after his female friend was raped. So it never impacts his career. A tame bull is nobody's turn-on.

His wife dying in a strange manner (neck broken while skiing) reeks of cabal Death Cult shit too*.

*My running theory is that whatever goes on in their networks, where career success is negotiated, is that they face something akin to Beyond Thunderdome where whenever they want to "level up" or face some kind of infraction they have to "face the wheel". A wheel-of-fortune style system/device that the person must willingly spin themselves to create their own fate, positive or negative, so the rest of the cult can maintain clean karma on the outcome.

Of the obvious outcomes are "You die", "A loved on dies", "Public Humiliation", "You get a huge role you clearly didn't earn or deserve" - stuff that most of us are familiar with observing from the outside. Then perhaps stuff like "you get to make your dream project", "you have to serve the cabal as an overt propagandist" (ie: your next three projects must push niggers down everyone's throats), "You're playing the heel this week and must alienate your core audience in some way", "You have to marry who you're told", "You get to marry anybody you want". That kind of shit.

And whether this is preceded or followed by killing/raping a child on camera I don't know. Maybe it's just being a "solid performer" at the sex parties at first. "Being morally flexible".

Maybe young starlets spin their own version of the wheel too (it's not like they have any real "loved ones" to sacrifice), and that decides whether they become mainstream talents like Ariana Grande (though she had to "host" a blood rite of her fans with that islamic attack), or become "Yacht Girl" prostitutes who are showcased on TV etc and used to sweeten or seal deals for their Hollywood jew pimps with non-Western rich non-whites who are obsessed with the teen actress/singer shit that comes out of Hollywood.

But anyway, 100% whenever Liam drops one of these "gaffs", his demand to appear at HW sex parties goes through the roof and he gets three new no-effort, big-pay movie roles/contracts arrive soon after.

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neck broken while skeeling... ...cabal death cult...

i dont wanna throw michael schumacher in there buuuuuuuuuuut.....

fuck would certainly explain the hell bent defence of him being a blatant fucking cheat.

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it's all fun and games til the deathbed.

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And then went on to take the lead role in the biggest piece of kike propaganda since Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

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Which one is that?

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Hey man, the Trade Federation are not the synagogue of satan....

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Schindler’s List

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Who cares? Quit posting stupid mindless shit. This isn’t reddit you cucked faggot.

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Just because he said it, doesn't make it true. These clown actors are mostly full of shit.

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Ok. He's still a leftist piece of shit who deserves the rope.

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big break was in a woody allen movie

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That's Norn Irn for ya, lads.

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https://archive.ph/FTLJR :

2015-04-30 | Liam Neeson Was Fired As A Teacher For Punching A 15-Year-Old Kid

'And that’s the difference between Liam Neeson and most of the rest of us. '

'Why he was fired for punching a kid who pointed a knife at him, however, makes no sense at all. '

'Liam Neeson has had a long and storied career, and if you just know him from the Taken movies or even Schindler’s List, you don’t know half of it. '

'A Reddit user unearthed this interview of Neeson from a few years ago, in which he admitted that he was fired for punching a 15-year-old student during his days in teacher training. '

'And this particular kid just didn’t want to settle down, and he wanted to disrupt the whole class, you know?'

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didn't he say before he went out with a machete hunting for niggers

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