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The real medicine is healthy food everyday and regular exercise. The cancer in your butt has been coming for you from years of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. If you're getting a surgery to save yourself from dying, you're basically signing away a huge chunk of your money to the big pharma in exchange for a handful of more years of life.

We need a huge reckoning to realize that death is a part of life to be greeted with warm embrace when it comes to you. If we did, we wouldn't have had a crisis by coronavirus because most of the vulnerable population would be dead already, and we wouldn't be having to contemplate how to depopulate or worry about over population. The younger generation would have a purpose to have a family and be constructive because there would be more room for additional people.

The extension of life shouldn't be the goal. The goal should be to make the best of life before the inevitable death.

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Wow, great reply, thanks!

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As so often is the 'cure' worse than the ailment.